Basia Winograd trained in the craft of documentary filmmaking in the National Film School of Poland in Lodz.  Since returning to her hometown of New York City in 2000, she has earned her MFA in Film Directing from Columbia University, and has held central roles in over a dozen films that span the gamut of documentary styles.  Basia holds cinematography credits on films by many award winning documentarians including Emmy winner Jeff Stimmel and Academy Award nominee Alice Elliot.  The Team, her directing collaboration with Oscar winner James Marsh, was a verité film in the purest sense of the word, and was part of BBC’s Storyville series in 2006. She has also worked in the realm of historical documentaries, having edited two films for Emmy-winning director Slawomir Grunberg. Basia’s work as a documentary editor has informed her work as a cinematographer, and both roles have led to a deeper appreciation of the possibilities of the documentary genre.

In Basia’s personal directing work, she remains focused on the carefully designed, provocative personal stories that she first started telling as a film student in Poland.  She has boundless respect for the craft and rigor necessary to tame the documentary beast, yet she’s most excited by films that break formal boundaries in order to communicate elusive truths.  Her latest feature documentary, The Colors Between, was completed in the fall of 2011.


Basia also directs and produces film and video for specific audiences.  In 2011, she directed and produced a 25 minute documentary that was used as mitigating evidence in a federal trial in New York.  Basia has directed dozens of EPKs, music videos and documentaries for musicians, dancers and artists. Her promotional and industrial video work has garnered her clients in major commercial and non-profit sectors, including Nike, IBM, Barnard College and Greenpeace.   


Shooting Quien es Don German? on the Panasonic AF100 in Uraba, Colombia, 2011

Shooting The Colors Between in the Rajasthani Desert, 2006

Shooting The Longest Game on the Canon 7D in Dorset, Vermont, 2010

Directing indie rocker Jonet’s 2010 video, Monsters

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