Greenpeace (The Bering Sea: An Ecosystem in Crisis video)

Barnard Center for Research on Women (Women and Work video and Immigrants in Film video)

Nike Run (Keep on Pushing video)

Nike Soccer (A Girl’s Game video)

IBM (What Makes You Special video)

Now What Research (Pace Specialty Salsa sales video & World Cup research video)

Riverdale YMHA (Fundraising Video)

The K5 (A series of educational internet videos)

Jill Morley Productions (Kiehls Facial Instruction Video)

Brown Brothers Recordings (Gold Sounds documentary and The Co-Op documentary)

WG Film, Malmo, Sweden (Untitled Documentary by Fredrik Gertten)

Jeff Stimmel (The Art of Failure documentary)

Hannah Rothschild (The Jazz Baroness documentary)

Alice Elliot (Miracle on 42nd Street documentary)

Gwyn Welles (Welcome to My World documentary)

Jill Morley (Fighting It documentary)

The Greenhorns (Greenhorns documentary)

Log In Productions (Paint What You Remember documentary & Peretzniks documentary)

Ray Chew & The Crew (EPK)

Omar Edwards (EPK)

Soul Steps (EPK)

Sweet Enuff Diabetes Foundation (Promotional Video)

Giovanni Almonte (music video)

Superfine Films (various television productions)

The Ghana Education Project  (The Ghanalogue documentary)

Witness Relocation  (performance video)

Second 2 Last (music video)




past clients include:


client/director testimonials

I shot a very challenging observational film with Basia. She is an excellent DP - she has a great eye and is very perceptive with her camera. Likewise, brave and discreet as she worked in difficult and sometimes dangerous circumstances. She's also friendly and collaborative, virtues that are very important when making a film.

                   -James Marsh, Director. Man On Wire, The Team, etc

Basia always manages to find the perfect detail in a shot that brings new meaning and emotion to the image.  The fact that she can do this during hurried and sometimes hectic documentary shoots continues to amaze me.  She brings so much talent, skill and beauty to every film she works on.

                        -Rebecca Haimowitz, Co-Director, Made In India

Basia is a masterful cinematographer.  She has a beautifully, artistic eye, and captures images and scenes creatively.

Her understanding of the documentary form really came clear to me when we were editing the film. Our locations were always covered from multiple angles, and we always had a wide variety of beautifully observed, relevant cutaways to choose from."

            - Gwyn Welles, Director/Producer, Welcome to My World

Basia has a wonderfully inventive eye- she knows New York well and was able to capture and convey the magic of the city. It was a great pleasure working with her and her work added significantly to my documentary The Jazz Baroness.'

                                  -Hannah Rothschild, Director/Producer

I have worked with Basia on a number of different projects, from educational videos to documentaries and video art, and I have found her attention to detail, understanding of my vision and ability to collaborate and improve everything she works on the reasons I continue to work with her."

                                     -Otis Kreigel, Artist/Director/Teacher

I had a day of pick-ups in New York City and since my DP couldn't make it from Sweden, I had to hire someone local. This is never an ideal situation, but Basia was quick on the uptake and within an hour of beginning our work together we were on the same page. She understood the story I was trying to tell and was able to help me find the frames I needed to tell it.

                                    -Fredrik Gertten, Director/Producer

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